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A business which you can operate for just 2-4 hours a day, where there is:
Forex offers you Life Changing Opportunities
  People who have completed their training with Andy look to
earn £100 per hour,  
typically working 2-4 hour days
  Business in a Box

FXMM Founder Andy Shearman says:

“We all know earning more in you current job or even managing to hold a job in the current climate is very difficult.

So, are you looking for a profitable
business that has:
  • little overhead,
  • no employees,
  • no physical structure,
  • no inventory,
  • minimal time required to run and operate from any location.

The Answer is the Forex Market. "

"3.2 trillion dollars is traded everyday in

Business in a Box
Who is Andy Shearman
Why learn from Andy
Why you need a Mentor
Simple Pattern Recognition
Why you need FXMoneyMap
See Andy's past webinar record
20 pips is all you need
See Andy prove himself LIVE
Traderooms Andy has built
How to Learn from Andy
Client testimonials
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  the Forex market and we just have to pick out £100...
let me show you how! ”
  Everyday 3.2 trillion dollars is traded in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. You can trade the Forex market from home on your pc and profit from the currencies movement by buying or selling a particular currency.

95% of people trading lose money, but not if you know what you are doing. Thats where Andy comes in. Andy has traded Forex for all of his adult life, he has worked for big banks and made them millions, now taking it easy - Andy has his own business teaching 1000’s of non-expert forex beginners to become successful and Andy can teach YOU to become within the 5% minority of people who are making money.
  Who is Andy Shearman?    
  Andy Shearman is a well known Forex Trader in the Forex Market. He has had a successful career as an Interbank Trader at some of the largest banks around the world.

Andy is the inventor of the revolutionary trading system FXMoneymap and founder of FXMM (a subsidary of Traderhouse Global Group).

Andy has trained 1000’s of Forex Traders over the last decade and has grown his business to setup trading rooms around the world (London, Miami, Malibu, New York) as well as Online Internet Traderoom (FXMMLive) and now opens the floating forex trading school in London where he invites you to join and start making money with him even in the recession.
  Why learn from Andy?    
  Someone who knows the market like the back of their hand

We all know forex markets change over time, different trading conditions can cripple a trader and his trading style/strategy. Andy has grown old with the Forex Market and has traded Forex pretty much everyday for the last 30 years and has extensive experience of market behaviour - so he is the best person to learn from.

Andy’s level of experience
Andy has worked at the highest level as an Interbank trader. He was recruited by S.G Warburg at the age of 23 and went on to work for Citibank and Santander building an invaluable skill set of trading taking away knowledge which is priceless!

Andy’s secret formula
After spending two decades trading forex professionally at the top making Money Center Banks, Andy found a revolutionary way to look at the forex market which highlighted buy/sell levels and placing trades by finding certain patterns.
  Why you need a mentor?    
  As it has already been mentioned, 95% of forex traders fail. Why learn the hard way by trading on your own and losing £1000’s before you make a profit and then eventually giving up just before you would have started making money.

What you need is someone who really has experience in the market (like Andy), who can teach you, who you can sit next to and talk to.

See why Andy is that very person YOU NEED...

Why you need a mentor
like Andy...
  Simple Pattern Recognition    
  Andy’s FXMoneyMap system
No Complex Charts, No more hours of complicated Analysis... Andy’s Trading System (FXMoneyMap) is very simple to learn. It is based on 5 simple grid patterns that clients identify. When Using Andy’s Unique Software- it will highlight an entry and an exit point. For Example, when to hit Buy button (entry), and then went to hit the SELL button (exit).

UK Housewife tells us
why Andy’s patterns are the way forward...
New Yorker Thyra tells us why
she would never trade without
FXMoneyMap and Andy’s
Vanilla Pattern.

  Who can do this?
Andy can teach anyone how to recognise simple trading patterns, with clients like Gardners, Single Mothers, Housewives, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, IT Guys, Shop Owners, Flower shop owners etc.
  "Real people experience success
with Andy’s System"
  Why you need FXMoneyMap?    
What is FXmoneyMap?

Many people see exactly how lucrative Forex Trading can be, however they can never master it as they find it too difficult to find a system that simplifies analysing currency movements.

Andy Shearman invented the FXMoneyMap Analysis Software which is a completely new and revolutionary way of looking at currency charts. He has combined 4 charts into 1 Grid with Fibonacci banding overlay that shows the layout of the market in any one currency pair at one one time. The software is encased in a simple and easy visual display interface making it easier to instant money making opportunities.

Why you need FXMoneyMap?
The Grid will highlight secret levels that no other Forex Analysis Software can show you. These secret levels (dynamic Fibonacci levels) will show you strong support and resistance levels which provide users with more confidence to go in and out of trades without hesitation to take small profits on a frequent basis to provide consistent trading profits.

Andy's words of wisdom...

Grid Activity
Investment Needed
To Begin Trading?
Transition From
a Demo Account
  The Secret Behind
Buying And Selling Currency Buying And Selling Currency How Do I Get
What Makes
FXMoneyMap Unique?
Capitalizing On 25 yrs
Of Experience
Advantage of a Vanilla Trade  
  The Secret Behind
What Makes
FXMoneyMap Unique?
Advantages of Accessible Trading Stacking The Odds In Your Favour  
  Only Watch This Clip If You Gamble! What you Don't Read
in Books
The Highway Analogy/
Clear Roads on a Grid
Successful Cash-flow
With Currency Trading

  See Andy's past webinar record    
  Andy records his live trades for you to see...
A lot of time and investment has been spent recording Andy‘s Live unrehearsed Trades on the New York Session over the last 2 years. This is to make everything completely transparent so you can see how to put the simple trading patterns into action, how pips/points are made in reality and replay them over and over until you understand. This helps users put into practice what they learn so they can replicate this at home to make the £100 per hour!
  20 pips is all you need    
Let me give you a simple truth- "20 pips per day is all you need..."let me show you how!

1 standard lot at 20 pips/day = $200/day = $50k/year
2 standard lots 20 pips/day = $400/day =$100k/year
3 standard lots 20 pips/day = $600/day = $150k/year
5 standard lots 20 pips/day = $1000/day =$250k/year
10 standard lots 20 pips/day = $2000/day = $500k/year

If you were obeying 2% risk management, then you can multiply your account about 5 times a year.. at 4% risk management, you can multiply your account roughly 10 times /year.
To demonstrate..
If you have a $10k trading account and you are trading at a 2% risk, then you can risk $200 per trade (2% of 10k = 200). that means you can trade 1 lot with a 20 pip stop and 20 pip target (1:1 risk reward, least acceptable).

If you can make 20 pips/day on avg with that 1 lot you will make 200/day=1000/wk=50k/year..

So, you just made a $50k/year income with just a $10k account!! Risking just 2%. Most traders don't appreciate the leverage we get, and risk way too much, only blowing their accounts before they know what went wrong!

At a less conservative 4% risk management level, you could risk $400 per $10k. Using the same 20 pip model, we would trade 2 lots with 20 pip stop and target. 20 pips/day would now equal $400/day=$2000/week=$100k/year. So, a $100k income was achieved with a $10k account, using the same 20 pips/day strategy.

What's important is that we never need to try for more pips/day, that's too difficult and novice forex traders have a hard time realizing this. It is more beneficial to be consistent at a small number of daily pips and then gradually increase your lot size as your account grows.
(btw, this is NOT compounding, this is taking your profits out every week.)
BEWARE:-many other Traderoom and FX operators will try to "wow" you with typical "CASINO" style tactics promising 1000.s of pips per month and 24 hour operations. WHY because they earn brokerage rebates..thats money from your trades, when they introduce your business to a broker,and thus its in their interests to keep you trading for longer hours.Its the same mentality as the Casino owners..they realise the "house always wins" as long as the punter keeps gambling.
I encourage the exact opposite-
trade for a MINIMUM number of hours..max 2-4 hours per day London peak time and New York peak time (time in market is MORE dangerous than size of position)
these are the only times I trade when the market has most liquidity and you can play on a level playing field.
when 10-20 pips per session is reached and your target is 20 pips a day for 2-4 hours work STOP TRADING and relax.
2-3 trades a day is the MAX you should be doing...
"Less is more"

Additionally why trade at NON peak hours...PEAK HOURS are London 8am till 10am (GMT)and NYC 8am till 10am (1-3pmGMT)-trading at any other times is like going surfing when there are NO don't bother.
  See Andy prove himself LIVE    
  Andy invites YOU, and other clients to log into an online meeting - to show you how his simple pattern system works everyday to make profit. He comes on for the London Open (8-10.00 AM GMT) and New York open
(13.00-15.00 PM GMT).

Clients also see Live trades announced in a chat window where they can ask questions if  they have not understood something about the trade that he may have placed.

This provides clients the ideal opportunity to ask questions and further propel their trading knowledge.
  "Earn while you learn
from day one!!"
  Clients who become accustomed to Andy’s trading system and have been following Andy for a small period of time, usually tend to start following his trade calls in a live account - so not only are they learning, they are making money along the way.  
  Traderooms Andy has built    
  Andy Opening Traderooms around the world for his clients.

If there is one thing that Andy knows is how to build a successful Forex Traderoom. Andy built from scratch a new trading room in a new London branch for Banco Sabadell in 1985. From the experience he gained over the last decade and users from all over the world it only makes sense that FXMM (Andy’s Enterprise) has a Global presence so users from all around the world can benefit from his training.

Andy has then gone on to setup the following traderooms at different glamorous venues around the world, all of which have been attended by 100’s of clients wanting to learn how to trade his forex trading system.

  "Andy's Traderooms he's built around the world,
all within the last decade!!"

  How to learn from Andy    
  Andy is approached by clients from many diverse backgrounds with different budgets in mind as to the level of training required from him. No doubt the best form of training is face to face, one on one, training where you get to hire Andy for any length of time. However, for people who have a smaller budget in mind Andy allows for group training. Further, cheaper products are available where you can purchase access to his online meeting for the London and New York sessions he hosts daily..  
  "Andy has packages to suit all pockets"  
Andy’s Business Day briefing
For those of you looking for a business opportunity but don't yet know what forex really is and the opportunities it provides, Andy will allow you to attend a business Day briefing at the Floating Forex Trading School where you will see in a live trading environment Andy's introduction to Forex, why you only need to make 20 pips for a days work and a days work is 2-4 hours. He will also cover an outline of his simple trading patterns and why you need to trade with the FXMoneyMap Software to make consistent £100 profits.

Price: £100
Mentor Andy New York Session (20x Live Mentoring sessions broadcasted over the internet - 4 hours a day)

You can sign in everyday for Andy’s London session 8.00 - 10.00 GMT and New York session between 13.00 - 15.00 GMT to  hear Andy show you how to make 20 pips on his session. Make 10 pips  to earn $100 and 20 pips to earn $200 on any standard lot traded.


                      NEW YORK SESSION                           



US West Coast


US Mid


US East Coast (NY)




Australia (Perth)


Australia (Brisbane)


Australia (Sydney)







                       LONDON SESSION



US West Coast


US Mid


US East Coast (NY)




Australia (Perth)


Australia (Brisbane)


Australia (Sydney)










Price: £125
($200) per month

What you should expect
on Andy's New York Session...


1 Day Preview Training Day
Andy will give you a VIP ticket to attend the London Canary Wharf Floating Trading School for a comprehensive overview of the whole forex market, Why you need FXMoneymap, The best time to trade, types of trade, a more in depth coverage of Andy's 5 simple trading patterns and why you need to trade with FXMoneyMap Software to make consistent £100 per hour. A complete curriculum with all study materials will be emailed to you with your order, so you are prepared to get the most out of the day. Preview Training days are normally done in small groups typically 5-10 persons.

Price: £500 ($800)
Hire Andy for TWO Whole days
If you prefer more of a hands on approach to learning, you can hire Andy for two whole days one on one (no other students present) in the Floating Forex Trading School - where you will sit in a bank style trading environment and get a chance to ask Andy any questions, see how he trades LIVE, how he utilises his simple trading patterns with the FXMoneyMap to spot regular profit gaps occurring in the market throughout the day to make the 20 pips ($200) per session. He will also cover position / risk management and market psychology.

Price: £1250 ($2000)

  Note: All of the above training options from the simple business day briefing through to the live London and
  New York Internet Trading sessions through to the 1day group training or 2 days one to one training is based
  on teaching you successful software pattern recognition with the FXMoneyMap Software which is available
  from Andy upon request.

A Quick 15 Minute consultation with Andy
If you would like to speak to “THE” ANDY SHEARMAN to gain his personal advice on how you can get started with Andys ‘business in a box’ and what how much time and effort you may need to commit. Andy is willing to call YOU back and speak to you in order to find the best training plan that will suit your situation within the budget you may have.

Price:  £39 ($63)  NOW £0


  Get Andy to call you back...
For a friendly no obligation FREE consultation with Andy for
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  Client testimonials    
Are Andy's clients really 
experiencing success after
his personal fx training?...
  "The twin problem of all traders is fear on one side and greed on the other. I have come to terms with greed but fear overwhelmed me and quite properly so when last time I inter-day traded because for all my indicators (and my method had over 21 components) I could not optimize my entry and exit points. Now that I have your grids I can see where I was correct in the past...but more importantly wrong.

I discovered this morning that with your grids and a one minute chart I can combine the best of what I have done in the past with your system and risk so far appears to be minimal. What I love most emphatically is the ability to place tight stops with confidence that your grids justify. Using the information your grid system displays will be a pleasure to be stopped out because given what I see of your methodology that is a justified loss.

I have been trading without fear today. I truly want to thank you. That is quite the psychological gift. Stress is, I believe, the number one reason people who would be qualified in every other way fail at this enterprise. Fear is justified because one doesn't have enough information to securely quantify risk. This service of yours give that "X factor" or risk not only a name and a face but a number!

I can look forward to intraday trading again. I really am gratefully to you."

John Anthony Moody
Los Angeles, USA
  Don't just take John's word...  

  Read a few examples of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials that Andy has received from clients he has trained in written testimonials and video testimonials.  

~ Written testimonials ~

"...I knew I'd have to find a less physically hazardous way to make a living. I've been telling all my lady friends about this program. they are super excited because they know how terrible I'm on the computer. I am compared to all of them.

If I can do this anyone can.

However, I am patient. At our training we were taught the best way to read the Grids (Only moneymap has them), Charts and other indicators. The Grids were Andy Shearmans invention, he has it down to a science. Jerry, did so much research on Forex trading and the Grids system is what really got his attention. with the training I've had i feel confident to read the Charts and Grids and know that I can make money that day.

I can't enumerate all the little tricks I learned but if you at least take a look at this wonderfully easy program i'm sure you'll love it. Best of all you don't have to leave your home or family to do this. You'll avoid traffic, buying expensive suits, baby sitters,( in my case dog sitters, now) Dry cleaning, gasoline, lunches. Etc.

That's why I love the fxmoneymap program. "

Connie Steel


"Having been in the aviation industry for more than 20 years. I started looking for a business that would supplement my income. I was looking for an entity that had: Little Overhead, No Employees, No Physical Structure, No Inventory, Minimize my time running the business The ability to operate this business from any location. The answer was the FOREX market. Having researched multiple avenues in this exciting and potentially lucrative venue, I found that MoneyMap was the perfect platform for all my requirements. The platform allows you spend as little as 2 hours a trading day with the ability to make 6 figures. "

Jerry Sarnataro


"The grid has allowed me to make clearer and quicker decisions by showing me a snapshot of the possible trading opportunities. I'm definitely a fan!!" "

Riaz Pardhan


"I must admit I have been greatly excited about my trading career upon finding the grids. For about one year now I have been on the wild forex roller coaster experience. With sharp learning curves with highs and lows. Most of my time has been purely educational trying to understand this bigger than life market. It has only been recently that I have begun trading with real pain or money. Speaking from my experience, trying to trade the market is difficult next to impossible without the proper tools. Much time have I spent looking for the tools and the first program I sampled was good but I soon realized it was not powerful enough to act as a stand alone product. This was very much to my disappointment you can imagine.

The Californian psychologist did reveal a problem of trading that being fear and greed. In my first conversation with Andy I noted that I was not currently trading but looking for an edge. A tool to help me and help my decision making process. And much to my liking the product does just that. Also I expressed to Andy that trading can be to an extent lonely as a retail trader. Scared and alone in scarey forex movie where negative numbers are the bad guys. That is what is so great about the webinar. Not only does it show other people are out there doing it, and probably being successful at it, but gives a degree of being a part of something. Not to mention you can learn everyday either from just listening to the webinar itself or being able to ask questions. My opinion is that I am using the best tool the forex market has to offer and the confidence that it will only get better. Thank you for your time Mr. Shearman"

Daniel D Jones


"The grid is a nice shortcut to your Fib level watching method to find profitable 20 pips trade. It is easyer to use than the good old arrows on a sheet of paper that have to redraw several times a day."

Bruno Petit


"The unique grid when followed worked as a terrific tool. Since using the real-time multi-time fib. Grids truly made trading for me simple. I tell people Andy has made trading possible for the masses. This new tool is like "Trading for Dummies". I now get results well above the 20 points! It is like magic and has been a major change to my life."



"Just wanted to pass along a little praise for your new Fibonacci Grid. I am rather intimidated by most charts. Every thing that I need is right in front of me in one place with your Grid. I made money tonight on the Euro on a trade that I would never have taken if not for the Grid."

Thanks again, Fred


"Having tested the grid over 4 weeks i find it an indispensable navigational tool, it gives me instant access to market action, trading possibilities & limitations. It has enabled me to tighten stops & set limit orders with optimum accuracy. In summary the grid amplifies confidence, with proven results. see attached balance sheet 20.000$ + in 4 weeks
Thanks for your time & workshop

Regards Tony


Video testimonials ~



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Talking with Andy after the Training
Talking with Andy after the Training
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Talking with Andy after the Training
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Talking with Andy after the Training
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